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Complete Kids Pillow Guide: 6 Things You Have to Know about Toddler Pillow

Complete Kids Pillow Guide: 6 Things You Have to Know about Toddler Pillow


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One of life's greatest pleasures is sleeping like a baby, and a toddler's restful sleep requires a nice, comfortable pillow. It can be overwhelming to choose out the perfect pillow for your child, but fret not! With this comprehensive guide to kids pillows, you’re secure. You want a pillow that is just right—not too firm or too soft.

In turn, an organic toddler cushion appears as the best option for your child's health and wellbeing. It encourages a healthy, restful night's sleep and is like a breath of fresh air for your baby's delicate skin.

Yet, the greatest toddler cushion is more than just being comfortable and long-lasting. Safety and assistance are further factors. Remember: the right size and thickness of toddler sleep pillows can aid in the prevention of neck pain and good spinal alignment. Now, prepare to cuddle up with your favourite blanket as you’re walking through the best toddler pillow route.

best toddler pillow suitable for what age

What Age Can Babies Have a Toddler Pillow?

As parents, you carefully navigate the toddler years while keeping in mind the importance of a smooth landing. Lest we forget, our young children should only have the greatest sleep possible. A toddler cushion should be introduced to a baby who has switched to a toddler bed and is at least two years old, as advocated by the majority of paediatricians.

The baby's neck and spine have sufficiently matured at this age to support the increased elevation provided by a pillow. Bear in mind that every child develops at a distinct rate. Therefore, decide whether a toddler cushion is appropriate by keeping a careful eye on your child and observing their sleeping habits and behaviour.

For a sound sleep, a toddler sleep pillow that is composed of hypoallergenic materials and is the correct size for your child's little frame is also recommended.

When Can A Toddler Have a Pillow?

To provide your child the greatest possible sleep, you as a parent might be unclear about the ideal moment to introduce a pillow, blurry on whether getting the best pillow for a toddler. There isn't a general fix for this issue, like the bulk of parenting-related issues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises delaying the introduction of a cushion until your kid is at least 2 years old, but ultimately it depends on your toddler's growth and sleeping patterns. Your kid needs a snug and safe sleeping environment to thrive.

toddler pillow best age kids pillow infant

When your youngster is prepared for a pillow, it's crucial to make the proper selection. Consider it like choosing a superhero cape: it must be the ideal size and offer the proper amount of support.

While a pillow that is too soft can cause suffocation, a toddler cushion that is too thick or firm can cause neck strain and discomfort. You may ask, how then can you tell if your young child is prepared for a pillow? Keep an eye out for behaviours like your youngster cuddling up to or stuffed animals or looking for a plush place to lay their head.

Is a 2-Year-Old OK with a Pillow?

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that between the ages of 18 and 24 months, toddlers can start using pillows (AAP). The AAP emphasises how crucial it is to select the proper cushion type and size to make sure that the kid can use it safely.

According to research published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, a toddler pillow shouldn't be too high or fluffy, but instead should be firm enough to support the child's head and neck. It should be small enough to avoid suffocation concerns and constructed of breathable materials to limit overheating.

After considering all the relevant aspects, it follows that a 2-year-old can use a pillow if it is the right size, hardness, and material is safe and breathable.

best toddler pillow for kids

What Kind of Pillow is Best for a Toddler?

For a toddler to be comfortable and safe while sleeping, the greatest pillow must be selected. The ideal toddler cushion should support their head and neck with sufficient firmness without raising their neck too much. To avoid allergies and encourage better sleep, it should also be constructed of airy and hypoallergenic materials.

For parents who place a high priority on sustainability and wish to stay away from harsh chemicals, an organic toddler pillow is a necessity.

In addition, this smart cushion is especially made to give your child's head and neck the ideal amount of support, so they may rest peacefully through the night. It is hypoallergenic and made of organic cotton, so your child won't experience any allergic responses.

coalahola toddler pillow best

The CoalaHola Toddler Pillow has a unique size that is perfect for toddlers, measuring 13" x 18". It won't take up much space in your child's bed because of its compact size, leaving room for their favourite blankets and stuffed animals. On the flip side, it may still offer the right amount of firmness and support to keep your child's neck in a comfortable position.

Durability is one of the best features of the CoalaHola Toddler Pillow — as in pride of the best toddler pillow, more than in words. This best pillow for a toddler is made from durable materials that will resist regular use's wear and tear, assuring a lengthy lifespan. Experts advise opting for pillows that are composed of permeable and hypoallergenic materials.

This is due to the fact that children are more prone to allergies and can have breathing problems from using pillows of inferior quality.

Nevertheless, there are a number of trustworthy sources to check out while looking for the finest toddler cushion. To lessen the risk of sleep-related risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises using a firm and level sleeping surface for babies and toddlers.

This underlines how crucial it is to choose a toddler cushion that offers sufficient support without being too fluffy or squishy. The National Sleep Foundation is a different resource to take into account; it advises that a pillow's height and thickness be determined by a child's age and size.

This implies that a child's cushion should be changed as they grow to provide the best possible comfort and support. In terms of material, the Organic Consumers Association recommends using organic and hypoallergenic materials to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and potential allergens, especially those with developing respiratory systems.

Wrapping the said research-backed must-haves, the CoalaHola Toddler Pillow, which has met these, offers excellent support for your child's head and neck. Its unique design is catered to provide just the right amount of firmness, without elevating the neck too much. This is crucial for ensuring that your toddler's spine stays in a natural position amid sleep.

Also, the pillow is compact enough to fit easily in a toddler bed or crib, so your child may benefit from a warm and comfortable sleeping environment right away. Moreover, the CoalaHola Toddler Pillow is constructed from premium, hypoallergenic materials. 100% organic cotton, which is breathable and kind to sensitive skin, was used to make the cover.

The CoalaHola Toddler Pillow indeed is easy to care for, which is essential for busy parents. You can easily maintain it clean and fresh because the cover is detachable and machine-washable. The cushion is strong enough to endure many washings and keep its form and support over time.

Everything accounted for, this organic toddler pillow is a must-have cushion for toddlers since it provides good support, is composed of hypoallergenic materials, and requires no upkeep.

when to give toddler pillow best

When to Give Toddler a Pillow?

Parents can give toddlers a pillow when the child has moved from a crib to a toddler bed and is already at least 2 years old. To lower the risk of suffocation and encourage healthy sleeping habits, it is advised that children under that age avoid using pillows in their beds. To ensure toddlers' comfort and safety, it's palpably critical to pick the correct kind of pillow.

The ideal toddler pillow should be supportive enough for their head and neck, but not excessively lofty that it puts undue strain on their neck. To reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma, it should also be composed of hypoallergenic materials.

Meanwhile, to avoid dangerous chemicals, it is recommended to choose organic toddler pillows because they are composed of natural materials. Organic toddler pillows made of hypoallergenic materials might be a great choice for children with sensitive skin or allergies. Ultimately, change the pillow as needed.

Signs Your Toddler Needs a Pillow

It's crucial for parents or other caregivers to be aware of the warning signs that suggest your toddler might benefit from using a pillow for better sleep. If your child routinely wakes up with a stiff or aching neck, it is one of the most typical indicators. This can mean their head and neck were not adequately supported as they slept.

A toddler cushion can also provide extra comfort and support for your child if they frequently wake up during the night or toss and turn during the night. If your child has outgrown their crib and is making the switch to a toddler bed, a pillow would help them get used to their new sleeping position.

Finally, it may be a clue that your child is ready for their own pillow if they demonstrate an interest in using one, such as by imitating you or their siblings. The greatest toddler pillow can give your child the support and comfort they require for a restful night's sleep.

Everything accounted for, choose a pillow that is especially developed for toddlers — the CoalaHola Toddler Pillow — constructed of organic materials and offers the ideal amount of firmness to support your child's head and neck.

Picture your child snoozing peacefully while being held in the soft embrace of a cushion that has been carefully made for them. This toddler sleep pillow, in aid, is soft and cozy enough to provide the ideal amount of technical support for your child's developing head and neck.

Ultimately, its organic and hypoallergenic components provide your child's security and allergen protection, allowing them to breathe easily and sleep well.

Remember: sleeping in different positions, waking up with a sore neck, often repositioning baby's head as they sleep, using a stuffed animal or blanket to support their head up, and expressing pain while sleeping are all indications that your child needs a pillow.


To wrap up, it is critical for your child's comfort, support, and general wellbeing that you provide them the right pillow. The perfect pillow may promote healthy and comfortable sleep, avoid neck discomfort, and preserve proper spinal alignment. The age, sleeping habits, and developmental stage of the toddler should all be taken into account while selecting a pillow for them.

When a kid transitions to a toddler bed and is at least two years old, it is advised to introduce a pillow. The perfect toddler cushion should be made of breathable, hypoallergenic materials to prevent allergies and overheating, and be firm enough to support the head and neck without elevating the neck too high.

For more baby related pillows, check CoalaHola baby pillows collection where CoalaHola make baby pillows more scientific and safe.