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Does A Baby Have to Sleep in A Crib?

Does A Baby Have to Sleep in A Crib?


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What is a baby crib?

What cribs are safe for babies?

A crib is a bed for infants and toddlers. Baby crib style variety, function and price is also a big difference, choose to pay attention to the combination of safety and practical principles.

Baby cribs can be divided into: solid wood cribs (lacquered and unpainted), bamboo cribs, rattan cribs, and mixed cribs of various materials.

Baby crib in use there are some hidden safety hazards, parents should pay attention to, timely elimination of hidden problems. Whether the crib paint meets safety standards, the key to see whether it contains heavy metals and formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.

Do a baby need to sleep in cribs?

Nowadays, there are so many families who will let their babies sleep in the crib after the baby is born, which is actually a correct behavior. If mom and dad sleep together with the baby, this will affect the baby's sleep, because good sleep is very important for the growth of the baby.

It is necessary for babies to sleep in cribs, newborn babies sleep for a long time every day, sleeping in cribs can ensure the quality of sleep for babies, but also can cultivate the independence of babies from a young age, which is beneficial to their future growth.

If the parents want to let the baby grow up healthily, then you can't lack enough sleep. But there are many parents still worry that it will be dangerous for the baby to sleep in the crib, in fact, this worry is superfluous

If the baby and adults sleep together, adults sleep at night will often worry about whether the baby will be pressed, there will be a certain impact on sleep, and if too close to the adult night exhaled carbon dioxide will affect the baby's respiration, so sleeping in the crib is necessary, and usually pay attention to ensure that the bed is clean.

Disadvantages of parents co-sleeping with their babies

Mother and baby in the same bed will affect the quality of sleep of the baby and the mother, and it is easy to lead to the baby to develop a dependent character, but also may bring danger to the baby.

At the same time, the most critical is that it will affect the relationship between husband and wife, husband and wife in the same room will take into account the existence of the baby, so there will be some psychological barriers, then it is going to affect the quality of the couple's sex life.

And some moms and dads sleep habits are not very good, so it will press the baby, it is likely to squeeze the baby to the edge of the bed or squeeze under the bed, which will cause considerable harm to the baby, and it is easy to have accidents.

Benefits of a baby sleeping in a crib

1: Safety. General crib will have a guardrail, which can effectively avoid the baby fell to the ground, and the guardrail can avoid sleeping at night when adults press the baby, but also to avoid adults cover the child's head when the quilt, so sleeping in the crib is very safe.

Since the babies are not sleeping with adults, they can avoid unintentional injuries from external gravity. There is also plenty of room for oxygen intake.

2: Comfortable. Comfortable environment for the baby is very important, the baby's sleeping environment should be quiet, and moderate temperature.

The best temperature should be about 18 ℃, if the parents sleep in a bed, then the three crowded in a bed temperature can not be maintained in a stable state, it is possible that the parents enter the sleep will be taken away from the quilt, then the baby may be cold and cold phenomena.

3: Improve the quality of sleep: Babies need to sleep for a relatively long time every day, about 18 hours. In other words, babies spend most of the day in sleep, in order to let the baby have a better quality of sleep, to create a comfortable sleep environment is particularly important, and the baby crib can just do this.

What should I be aware of when my baby sleeps in a crib?

Although it is said that mother and baby separate bed is conducive to the growth of the child, does not mean the parents can be completely at ease, in the baby sleep, the parents must regularly observe.

To see if the baby has a good cover, and to help the baby change diapers, but also to feed the baby regularly, so the parents should put the crib on the parents' bedside, so that it is convenient to observe and take care of the baby.

Whether from the perspective of sleep, or from the perspective of health, parents should let the baby sleep in the crib, so that the baby can sleep better, and is conducive to the baby's healthy growth.

And from the safety point of view, the baby will not have safety accidents because they did not sleep next to mom and dad, but instead the baby is safer and more comfortable when sleeping alone.

How to Choose the Right Sleeping Bed for Your Child?

If it is a newborn baby, parents can choose a portable baby crib or a baby lounger. They will be simpler and lighter, easy to store, and easy to move around at home or when traveling.

What kind of crib should I get for my baby?

When choosing a crib for your baby, it is important to choose the right one. First of all, the interior of the crib should be simple and comfortable, without too much clutter.

And the position of the crib should also be placed in the right place, so that it is convenient for the parents to observe the baby at any time.

When selecting a baby crib, you need to pay attention to the fact that the surface of the crib must be smooth, the structure of the crib must be secure, and the spacing between the bed rails must be appropriate.

1: the surface of the baby crib must be smooth: a smooth surface can reduce the friction between the newborn and the bed, reducing the risk of skin irritation. At the same time, the thickness of the bed board should be moderate, to be able to withstand the weight of the newborn.

2: the structure of the baby crib must be firm: when buying, check whether the corners of the bed are rounded, to avoid the sharp edges and corners of the bed to bring injury to the newborn.

3: the spacing between the bed rails should be appropriate: this will ensure the safety of newborns without restricting their activities. The height of the bed rails is also important so as to avoid accidents.

Through careful selection, you can buy a baby crib that is both safe and practical, providing a good environment for the growth of newborns.

In the baby's crib, you can put some of the baby toys like plush toys and soft blankets to help the baby get a better living environment


After a baby is born, it is best to have a safe, comfortable and convenient baby crib. A well-designed crib is not only a guarantee for the healthy growth of the child, but also provides all kinds of convenience for the parents to a certain extent and reduces their burden.