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Reine luft pillow

What Reine Lüft Pillow?

The Reine Lüft Pillow is a device specifically designed to prevent and correct positional cranial deformities in infants.
Reine Lüft Pillow products are made in full compliance with the international quality standard ISO 13485.

Why is it not a traditional pillow?

The Reine Lüft Pillow has a therapeutic purpose.
Reine Lüft Pillow products meet the highest quality and safety European standards applicable to these products. This is why Reine Lüft Pillow is not an ordinary pillow, although it may be mistaken for one due to the form in which it is used.

Why is it effective?

Thanks to its anatomical design and the materials used in its production, Reine Lüft Pillow distributes the weight of the infant's head over a larger area, avoiding higher pressure points, which are the main cause of positional cranial deformities. In addition, the material's three-dimensional structure allows for a breathable and spongy product that reduces the pressure under the infant's head and likewise gives it excellent wicking and perspiration properties, thus contributing to proper head development.
Several clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy, with the effect being higher during the first 6 months of age, when the skull is particularly supple and delicate. After this time, it becomes more challenging to correct these types of deformities as the skull gains more consistency. However, until 16-18 months of age (when fontanelle is usually closed), it is still possible to correct them and, more importantly, to prevent them from getting worse.

 Is Reine Lüft Pillow a safe product?

Yes. Safety is a fundamental element and the greatest relevance to our product development. Therefore, we have conducted various studies to support its safety.
* The following certificates have been obtained.
* Anti-asphyxiation certification - by TÜV Rheinland
* Airflow Safety Test - by Bureau Veritas
* Carbon dioxide rebreathing safety
* European safety certification - EN 71-1 "Safety for children aged 0-3 years"
* International quality standard for medical devices - ISO 13485
* Textile safety certification Oeko-Tex® 100 - free of harmful chemicals "safe for infants"

Can my baby sleep with Reine Lüft Pillow?

Yes. Reine Lüft Pillow has successfully passed the most exhaustive safety tests and, thanks to its anatomical design, it offers complete freedom of movement for the baby so that he can rest in the most comfortable position.

The recommendation to discourage the use of pillows is based on their shape and, in particular, the risk of suffocation. Thanks to the safety certification mentioned earlier (point 4), this is where Reine Lüft Pillow stands out in terms of baby pillows.94% of the total volume of Reine Lüft Pillow is air.

Is Reine Lüft Pillow effective without a protective cover?

Yes. Clinical studies have been conducted with and without the cover and they show the same efficacy. However, for hygienic reasons, we strongly recommend the use of a cover as it is a product that tends to get dirty (sweat, vomit, etc.).
Reine Lüft Pillow is made of 58%Polyester+42%Lyocell and can be hand washed or machine washed in hot water at a maximum temperature of 40ºC. Thanks to the cover, the pillow does not have to be washed as often, thus preventing premature deterioration of the material.
We recommend using only the Reine Lüft Pillow cover to keep the pillow breathable, as other covers can be unsafe to use and cause suffocation. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the shape and size of the pillow.

How should I use Reine Lüft Pillow?

Place the baby in the supine position (face up) and place his head on the central cavity of the pillow.
It is designed to be used when the baby is lying down, either to rest or to play, perfectly adapted to equipment such as cribs or moses baskets, and also suitable for strollers.
Under no circumstances should the baby be placed prone (face down), as the Reine Lüft Pillow is not designed for that position.
Always follow the use and care instructions that come with the product to achieve maximum efficiency and maintain its performance.

When can my baby start using the Reine Lüft Pillow?

The Reine Lüft Pillow can be used from the time a baby is born. Of course there are also pillows available for young children to suit every stage of growth, even for premature babies.
Depending on the age of initiation and the condition of the infant's skull, the Reine Lüft Pillow may have a preventive or corrective purpose. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use Reine Lüft Pillow during the first six months of life, because it is during this period that the infant's head grows rapidly and the skull is particularly malleable and therefore more receptive to the effects of Reine Lüft Pillow.

Can my baby sleep on his side with the Reine Lüft Pillow?

No, the Reine Lüft Pillow product is designed so that the infant lies on its back (face up) on its back and its effectiveness depends on it. Experts recommend that infants lie on their backs, which is the premise of clinical trials. Even so, the Reine Lüft Pillow offers the infant freedom of movement so he can turn his head to either side, and its effectiveness is demonstrated when the head is properly resting on the Reine Lüft Pillow and the back is glued to the mattress.

Can I clean the Reine Lüft Pillow?

Yes. It is easy to wash and quick to dry (not suitable for dryers). It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, always in cold water (maximum temperature 20°) and using the deli program. We recommend not mixing it with other garments and in any case, please use a mesh bag to avoid tears.

My baby has cephalalgia. Can I use the Reine Lüft Pillow?

The Reine Lüft Pillow is designed to correct oblique head deformities and short head deformities, but has also been shown to be effective in some specific cases of cranial deformities.

What is the Reine Lüft Pillow made of?

Reine Lüft Pillow is made of 58%Polyester+42%Lyocell. All of our suppliers are Oeko-Tex® certified.

Where are Reine Lüft Pillow products made?

Reine Lüft Pillow products are manufactured in Suzhou (China) according to ISO 13485 international quality standards and under strict quality control.